Kate Cloutier

Kat 2651-295-9632

Height:  5’6”     Weight: 120     Hair: Blonde     Eyes: Green

Crime Stoppers            Victim             ABC
Sick of Normal              Tracker           Pilot (In-Production)

Chalkboard “The Horror Movie”   Shauna               Long Coat Productions
Lumpy                                     Lead Stand In      Kol-Abbit Productions
The Cabin                                Mom                   Green Sea Productions
Spree                                      Beth Strode         Spooky Woods Productions
Glass of Demontrachet             Party Guest         Egg of Nye Productions
The Humanity Code                 Off Duty Officer     Lenastory Films
Remake                                  Colleen DeRidder  Iron Mountain Productions
The Interview                           Girl in Jacuzzi       Cloud 9 Films
Case #377                              Banshee Woman   Green Sea Productions
Incidental                                Rona Wells           Iron Mountain Productions
Citizen Caine                          Ratan                   Killing Joke Films
Stay Then Go                          Lead Stand In       Ah Light Productions
Fighting History                       Debbie                 Green Sea Productions

Conflicts available upon request

Lord Arthur Saville’s Crime      Lady Clementina    St. Croix Classics Theater
Moonlight Madness                Malicia Morbid       Mounds Theater
Wanda’s Visit                        Marsha                  RFCT
Family Names                       Sheila O’Keefe       RFCT
Dilemma’s with Dinner            Brooke Williams    RFCT
The Silent Room                    Cammie                Fringe Festival
Caribbean Cruise                   Charlie Bankhead   Mr. Mystery
Cabin Fever                           Tawnya Twillig        Mr. Mystery

The Phipps Center of the Arts   Scene Study with Peter Moore
Lynn Blumenthal Casting          On Scene Camera Workshop w/Michelle Hutchinson

Southern, British

Special Skills:
Sign Language, Guitar, Singing, Inline skating, kickboxing, running, bike, cross training, weightlifting, culinary baker, EMT, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Experience with working with children and children with special needs

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